Chase Elliott Clark


Using a "landings, not launches" approach, I focus teams on the problems, goals, personas and success metrics. I make sure we're aligned on outcome instead of output.

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Lead UX Researcher, Calm

Dec 2020–Present
Using user research to make the world happier and healthier.

I am the Lead UX Researcher at Calm, where I have built the UXR function for their DTC product and design teams.

  • Established the user research function at Calm, crafting and executing streamlined processes; led a team of 3 researchers in conducting 1,000+ user interviews, resulting in increased app engagement and retention
  • Championed a deep understanding of Calm’s customers using qualitative and quantitative research, integrating these insights into the company culture to prioritize and solve user problems across all functions
  • Defined three main user archetypes and core problems to solve to inform product and content strategies
  • Conducted in-depth research on global mental health issues to uncover shortcomings in current solutions; led to the implementation of personalized solutions that improved user outcomes for sleep, stress and anxiety
  • Researched reasons for app attrition and barriers to starting a free trial, informing strategies to improve user retention and acquisition
  • Designed and utilized creative research methods to build confidence in concepts to prioritize building based on unmet user needs
  • Redesigned Calm app’s core usage loop to optimize user engagement and retention
  • Launched a 300-person beta testing community to continually capture customer insights

Product Design Lead, Workrise

April 2019–Dec 2020
I drove interdisciplinary teams to goal-oriented outcomes via a playbook of established design methods, pulling in members of the product team and stakeholders to relevant steps and work.
  • Mentored, coached, and managed designers, providing guidance on research methods and design direction to elevate team performance
  • Led teams to new solutions, fostering collaboration through complex problem mapping
  • Conducted generative, evaluative, and experimental research to inform product development decisions and validate user personas
  • Directed the collaborative composition of user-focused design briefs, prioritizing the resolution of user issues and aligning team endeavors with goal outcomes
  • Visualized complex systems and user flows, facilitating a thorough understanding of user needs and problem spaces

UX Design Manager, ASICS Digital

March 2018–March 2019
Aligned teams by focusing on problems, goals, personas and success. Enabled pods to move efficiently and confidently by finding the fastest path to shared understanding—reducing waste, learning quickly, building fast and iterating. Pushed teams to focus on outcome over output, making sure our work is successful and discovering insightful iteration opportunities when it’s not.
  • Built the design function for Runkeeper, defining workflows and processes leading to customer-craved solutions
  • Managed team of four and design strategy for Runkeeper and ASICS Studio apps
  • Ideated, designed and executed popular “First 5K” onboarding plan, increasing new runner activation by 55% (a 3x conversion rate improvement)
  • Facilitated design sprints, directing cross-functional team in creating comprehensive customer journey map, pinpointing pain points and proposing solutions; implementation of recommendations resulted in reduction in churn rate and increase in customer lifetime value
  • Orchestrated research and brainstorming sessions with cross-functional teams to enhance the Runkeeper experience; integrated user feedback to inform UX improvements
  • Collaborated with marketing to evolve the Runkeeper brand based on research, personas
  • Designed a Siri integration prototype for Runkeeper at Apple HQ, later presented at WWDC, exemplifying impactful iOS innovation and collaboration
  • Panelist at General Assembly Boston’s ASICS events, managed General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive capstone student project

Sr. UX Designer, Runkeeper

March 2016–March 2018
In this role I solved for one of life's biggest problems: motivation. I helped millions of people close the gap between action and intent while having a positive impact on their lives and health.
  • Built design function for Runkeeper: defined workflows and processes, supporting an agile product-driven environment
  • Conducted multiple design sprints
  • Worked closely with product and engineering to expand and improve the Runkeeper experience, using qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Collaborated with Creative Director to evolve brand based on research
  • Worked at Apple headquarters for a week leading up to WWDC

UX Designer, Zipcar

April 2014–March 2016

As part of Zipcar’s product team, I collaborate with product managers, designers and engineers to deliver insights on the needs and motivations of our members, and work to help shape the future direction of Zipcar’s products and services.

I’m a passionate researcher, designer and user advocate designing and building the best member experience.

  • Orchestrated a design overhaul for mobile app, incorporating user feedback and usability testing, leading to an increase in user retention
  • Developed and executed research plans to support product objectives
  • Planned and moderated usability studies and field research
  • Communicated clear findings and actionable recommendations
  • Managed General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive student project

Sr. UI Developer/UX Designer, OHO Interactive

September 2012–April 2014
  • Owned and executed projects from concept to implementation
  • Implemented user research and interaction design to deliver quality experiences
  • Created level-of-effort estimates for projects
  • Built and configured CMS sites (Drupal, WordPress)

Web Manager, The Boston Conservatory

February 2011–September 2012
  • Redesigned, rebuilt, and migrated the school’s website to new CMS platform
  • Digitized staff processes, increasing proficiency
  • Designed and developed heavily-utilized internal web systems
  • Combined data with survey results and user interviews to understand site effectiveness


Beta communities, Card sorting, Concept testing, CX analysis, Design sprints, Design synthesis, Diary studies, Figma, Figjam, Generative research, Job-to-be-done interviews, Journey mapping, Persona development, Qualitative research, Remote unmoderated testing, Stakeholder interviews, Surveys, Usability testing, User interviews,


University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Bachelor of Arts in English
Certification in Professional Writing
Electronic Publication Concentration